Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just Rambling here for a bit

Well, I got a new Jeep not too long ago, a 2005 Wrangler X and I love it. Just what I always wanted and the kids love it (yes it has back seats)! Got a real good deal on it, it was barely used, 6-months old, 3000 miles and for under $20K. What a deal! And someone decked it out the short time they had it!

Charles Gabus Ford in Des Moines also gives you free oil changes, for the life of the vehicle. Wow!

So here I am walking to my daughter's softball game yesterday, I'm the asst. coach, and someone says to me, "Hey I have a girl scouts shirt like that." and I'm thinking huh? I look at my shirt, and it seems the lime green shirt I pulled from the laundry is no the usual softball team's shirt, but alas my wife's Girl Scouts shirt of the same color. I quickly told the lady, "Yeah, the other shirt is dirty..." and ran home to change.

Camping season has arrived! Already been out camping and go again this weekend, here locally to Cherry Glen. A friend of mine at work took the plunge as well and now his family has a camper and this'll be our second outing together. Memorial day weekend we're going to check out a new place at Lake Anita, just down the road here a bit near Atlantic, Iowa. Full hookups, so at least that'll be fun! Just trying to think of things to do with the kids. Sometimes those board games get old.

Looking for ideas here folks.

I recently visitied my friends at and they reminded me that I have failed to write in my blog lately, so thanks guys! This is a site I used to help maintain and still do from time to time, and who knows, maybe I'll make a comeback.

Still going to college this year, taking Quantitative Decisions in Business and Personalities. I had to miss my first class of Personalities because my wife had the flu yesterday. Man she gets the flu a WHOLE LOT! I think this is the second time this year, but she also works in a hospital. I have never contracted the flu.

Before I found my Jeep, I was looking at the new Toyota FJCruiser, man that's a nice little thing, but I need to see it in person to see just how big it is. I think they're cool!

Until next time!

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The Martins said...

May 2006! C'mon bud...keep on it! :D